Recording of Interview on Founding Phenaris

Recording of Interview on Founding Phenaris

Last week our mastermind Gerhard gave an exciting insight into the beginnings of Phenaris in an interview with the Viennese start-up incubator INiTS. He was talking about the initial idea and why he decided to found a company next to his full time jobs as dean of the faculty of life sciences and full professor for pharmacoinformatics at the University of Vienna, how he manages the balancing act between still being university professor and leading a spin-off which commercialises the outcomes of his reasearch, how important it is to have the right team, and how exciting but also exhausting the life of an entrepreneur is.

Gerhard is also highlighting the important role of INiTS, who supported us from the beginning by giving us the chance to participate in their start-up camp and by investing in our company. We would like to thank INiTS for all their support up to now and in the future!

You can watch the interview in full length:

Zoom Cloud Recording of INiTS SCALEup Talk #3


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