Leveraging linked open data by use of innovation leading technologies.

At Phenaris we constantly challenge the status quo in computational drug design and in silico toxicology.

Using cutting edge technologies we provide data, models, and decision support in all aspects of in silico toxicology. We are currently working on multiple solutions to provide data integration, model development, and decision support.

Data Integration


In the era of big data, data curation and integration is an absolute requirement for approaching complex research questions. Being part of large scale, industry driven data integration initiatives, we offer our expertise in this area.

Model Development


High quality predictive toxicity models are needed to support risk assessment. Based on high quality data, we provide a set of models for transporter and toxicity endpoints, which are constantly kept up to date.

Decision Support


Prioritizing the right compounds is key for successful drug development. Our integrated toxicologcal read across platform supports decision making in all phases of drug discovery. This does not only save time and money, but also animal experiments.

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Latest News

P-glycoprotein (MDR1, ABCB1)

P-glycoprotein (MDR1, ABCB1) – the prototypic polyspecific ABC-transporter When in 1976 Juliano and Ling discovered that the main difference between a wild type tumour cell and a multidrug resistant tumour cell is a glycosylated transmembrane protein which reduces the accumulation of cytotoxic agents in the cell, this marked the beginning[…]

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Recording of Interview on Founding Phenaris

Last week our mastermind Gerhard gave an exciting insight into the beginnings of Phenaris in an interview with the Viennese start-up incubator INiTS. He was talking about the initial idea and why he decided to found a company next to his full time jobs as dean of the faculty of[…]

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Webinar Recording: In Silico Transporter Modeling

If you missed Gerhard’s SaferWorldbyDesign Webinar In silico transporter modeling and its role in computational toxicology, you can now watch the recording here! SaferWorldbyDesign Webinar: In silico transporter modeling and its role in computational toxicology Transmembrane transporters not only play a major role in ADME but they are also increasingly linked to[…]

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